RSPB Birdwatch

Last weekend was the time for anyone interested to complete an hour’s collection of sightings of birds visiting their garden. The idea is that the maximum number of any one species of bird visiting at any one time is recorded, all to be completed within an hour. The information is easily uploaded to the RSPB website. It’s not meant to be a scientific study, but the RSPB use the information to get an overview of trends in the populations of different birds visiting the nation’s gardens.

It easily becomes mildly competitive, the hour goes by quickly, I end up urging the regulars to hurry up and make an appearance. This year, ‘the lad in the crimson bloomers’ made a very late appearance!

Chaffinch, 7. Siskin, 2. Goldfinch, 8. Blackbird, 2. Great Tit, 4. Coal Tit, 1. Long tailed tit, 7. Blue Tit, 2. Nuthatch, 1. Robin, 1. Song Thrush, 1. Wren, 1. Willow Tit, 1. Treecreeper, 1. Magpie, 2. Great Spotted Woodpecker, 1.DSC_0031


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