Routine maintenance

Ian Brooker and I replaced a stile at SX667899 on the path between Throwleigh and Aysh, it was very useful to be able to take the silver Landy, packed with wood and tools, right up to the stile!

The first stile on that path leaving Shilstone Lane will need some attention soon, the ‘tread’ has been rocky for some time. All the drainage work is finished now, if it rains very heavily some of the cut-offs will probably block again and need more work. Last year Deave lane received special attention,  the StOC group and villagers did a days work clearing vegetation and digging out some of the mud.

The Sticklepath and Okehampton Conservation group was set up 25 years ago and has hardly missed a Friday since. The group was recently selected as winner of a prestigious national conservation award. Mike Watson, who started the group is seen in the photo holding the sculpture  of an owl that was presented in recognition of the group’s work. StOC take on a variety of conservation tasks, recently they have cleared gorse at Pyke’s meadow SX663898, and on Gidleigh Tor SX671878. The group is very welcoming and is always looking for volunteers. Mike can be contacted at





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